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DRAGONBOARD® Construction Panels for interior, exterior and floor panel installations

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D Buzz Group aquired the sales, marketing and distribution rights for Dragon Board in early 2015 for the territories of Western Canada and Pacific Northwest.
Dragon Board is a construction panel made from Magnesium Oxide and Chloride offering qualities of Fire Proof, water resistance, bacteria proof, mould and fungus proof with a high impact resistance in various industry sizes, offering architects, developers and contractors solutions for daily building issues.

Staff of D Buzz, have and continue to educate the market industry of all features and benefits continuing to realize specifications for upcoming commercial, industrial and multi residential projects in all territories.
In addition to market awareness, D Buzz Group continues to establish distribution relationships to ensure product availability, offering quality service and product knowledge while still passing on savings and benefits.

D Buzz Group is proud to offer Dragon Board to the market, offering customers a natural product with no carbon footprint, made with material that millions of people consume each day for good health.

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History of Dragonboard

Magnesium based cements are some of the oldest building materials in the world, first used around the same time as gypsum.  Unlike gypsum plasters though, magnesium phosphate cement is very strong, impervious to the weather and was used as mortar by the Romans, in the Great Wall of China, to build Stupas in India, to protect wood structures like the Forbidden City, and in 800 year old timber buildings in Europe.

About sixty years after Joseph Aspdin invented Portland cement in 1824, Stanislaus Sorel rediscovered magnesium based cements and they have continued to be used for specialty applications like high temperature kiln linings, patching cement for airport runways and bridges, oil well mud, and hospital and institutional floors to name a few.

Around fourty years ago, Vance Steyner reverse-engineered mortar from the Great Wall and from this MgO board was developed in China where it has become a popular construction material for walls and ceilings. For the Beijing Olympics, MgO boards were used extensively as the premier material to make the games more environmentally sustainable. Taipei 101, the world’s tallest Platinum LEED building, uses it extensively on walls and ceilings, inside and out for decoration and fire proofing.  In some places in Europe it is replacing OSB as the sheathing of choice due to its strength, durability, and ease of use.


Save Money. Save Time.

DRAGONBOARD significantly reduces installation costs, offering savings of 20 – 85% over competing products, depending on the application.

Dragonboard product line is engineered to eliminate the toughest problems faced by architects, engineers, contractors, and builders today while also making construction easier. Addressing both, magnesium oxide boards result in lower construction costs during installation and reduced maintenance expenses over the lifespan of the building.

Mold, Fungus and Bug Free

Dragonboard is the only UL and ULC approved construction panel manufactured from mineral components and water that is:

  • Fire-Proof (UL 055 and ASTM-Tested and A-Rated)
  • 100% Natural and Ecological (ISO14025)
  • Moisture & Water Resistant (TSEN 520)
  • Non-nutrient to mold, fungus, insects ASTM G-21
  • Impact-Resistant (ASTM D-5628)
  • Sound and Heat Insulation (ISO8990)
  • Silica/Asbestos Free
  • STC-Rated 53-54


DRAGONBOARD is a unique construction board which replaces all construction boards in the industry in one single boards to be used as the finished material for all internal and external walls, floors and ceilings in the same building.