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Since coming to North America, Dragonboard has quickly become the “go to” product with Architects and Builder alike. Take a look at some of our recent projects and get as excited as we are about providing exceptional solutions for the construction market.

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1.       4453 White Plains Road Bronx, NY. This was the first of 14 six-storey apartment buildings in the Bronx, owned by Stagg Group 

2.       Fordham University gymnasium Bronx, New York

3.       Lehigh University gymnasium, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

4.       Brevard County Prison, Florida

5.       Frackville, PA prison

6.       Miami Dade, Fl airport concourse

7.       Orlando, Fl airport concourse

8.       JFK Airport, NYC Terminal 3 Diner

9.       Arverne by the Sea condos, Rockaway, NY ( )

10.   Princeton University boathouse, Princeton, New Jersey

11.   Monmouth racetrack dormitories, Monmouth, New Jersey

12.   Alligator Sunrooms, Lakewood, NJ